Neon Tutu’s and Accessories

One of the most popular eras that people love dressing up for is the 80’s as it is a very well known era and fancy dress stores seem to stock a lot of 80’s inspired clothing. For example the neon tutu, bright coloured wigs and neon accessories meaning that not one person is going to have exactly the same outfit on due to the wide range of neon colours these items come in. Bang an old 80’s compilation album on and invite all of your friends over for a fun filled 80’s themed night!Maybe you and your friends are going out but you aren’t sure what to wear? Then how about getting a few inexpensive 80’s accessories to brighten up your outfits and make your night out that little bit more interesting. Buying accessories in bulk is a fantastic way of making sure that everyone has at least something to wear and everyone can have and choose a different colour. Tutus are especially good for nights out as they can be worn with pretty much anything without looking too ridiculous. For example Leggings are a good thing to wear with a tutu, as well as jeans or trousers depending on how you feel.It is very rare nowadays if you don’t see someone on a night out or at a fancy dress party wearing an iconic 80’s style neon tutu or wig. Even men are wearing them out on the town nowadays proving the popularity of this eras fashion items and accessories. Even children and teenagers are finding a love for the tutu with their bright neon colours and fun accessories how could they not enjoy dressing up like they are in the 80’s? It also makes a great accessory to add to their dressing up boxes too.Maybe you’re going to a music festival and want to wear something fun and different? Then the neon tutu is perfect for this kind of event. The tutu’s are made out of a net like material meaning that it is not too heavy so if it does unfortunately end up raining for most of the weekend it’s not going to get heavy and waterlogged meaning that it is perfect for festivals and going out in the rain in. The 80’s is also a great theme for hen nights or even stag do’s again being able to buy these in bulk will mean you could save a lot of money and everyone will have a different coloured one to wear for the occasion.Once you have a neon tutu sorted for your event or party or whatever it may be it’s time to choose some 80’s neon accessories. Neon fishnet gloves are a good choice as well as neon headband, wristband and leg warmer sets which can also be bought in bulk to make sure everyone has something to wear. These are all usually available in Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange or yellow you name it. Or maybe you would prefer some neon jewellery instead such as colourful beaded necklaces or gummy bracelets to make you stand out even more on your night out or at your fancy dress party.